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QUARK, 2022

It's a bird, it's a plane, it’s a Spacecat living on the moon!​ Quark is a fictional character of a Spacecat that lives on the moon. Learning about Science could be much more enjoyable with the help of our little friend, Quark. So let's use “art” to help communicate, and encourage people to know more about Space exploration!

This project is a creative solution to the learning experience about the New Space Era. Together with hopes of inspiring (young) people to explore their love & interest for "Space exploration" as well as providing a better insight into the Space industry and its culture.



The Creative Space Program by MANRVA x Our Giant Leap is an innovative platform that brings together artists, designers, scientists, and enthusiasts to explore the intersection of art, design, and space.


Aurea Rego


Mars is the next frontier in human exploration of deep space and a potential place for human settlement. With such ambitious plans come the associated scientific, engineering and architectural challenges. Putting the safety and comfort of the crew at the center of this research project, it is recognised that solving for Mars requires a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach (for instance, looking into how to combine radiation protection and architectural choices).

The presented work focuses on building habitats and the first Martian city, making a vision for human life on Mars. It outlines the challenges and proposes solutions to provide a "recipe" that Mars city designers may want to explore.

This proposal guides the city in its development from birth to full self-sustainability. From the first crew rotations and early explorers to interplanetary entrepreneurs and Mars-born children. 


​Aurea Regio places humanist values at the heart of the design proposal and city development. The sense of identity and unity with the local nature and community is reinforced through architectural elements which embrace what Mars has to offer. With the greatest minds living on Mars, exploring the solar system and studying at the Mars University, Aurea Regio will be the most unique place in the human worlds.

Mars 2020


This project was mainly inspired by all the Mars missions in 2020, whether it’s Mars 2020, ExoMars 2020, Hope Mars Mission or the Huoxing-1 (HX-1) Mission. All of which helped sparked the idea of “What kind of outfit could we design that would reflect Mars's aesthetic?”

NASA Jacket

NASA Inspired Jacket, 2019 

In this project, we aim to create a NASA-inspired jacket using cutting-edge digital fashion techniques. Drawing inspiration from the iconic NASA logo, we will design a stylish and futuristic jacket that captures the spirit of space exploration.