"Never be limited by other people limited views"


SPACE, the final frontier. We've tried to picture clusters of stars, as they expand across the entirety of Space. What would it feel like, to live in outer space? How do our bodies move? Do we just float from place to place? We kept dreaming of the experience and the world we thought we'd never see. And then, one day, we step foot on the Moon...

Experiencing the concept of Space Experience doesn't always necessarily mean you have to be a math genius or that you're pursuing a career in engineering (STEM), nor it's exclusively only for a specific group of people. Join our community and take part in creating a place - "Space" for a new wave of Space Culture!


Weekly Reading

Weekly space-related reading material for all the Space Cadets.

MANRVA Projects

Discover more information on our past, present and future project.

Upcoming project

Joining forces with Utopia Lab, a company that designs VR/AR experiences tailored for specific platforms, based on in-depth industry insight and trends with visually-engaging content and fun gamification.
Comes our new virtual reality project, "C■VERSE". Ready to have an out-of-this-world experience? Follow up on our social media for more updates into the making of C■VERSE!
Scout X Space 2

Space X Scout

Space agencies like NASA and Scouting have a long history together. Have you noticed that over two-thirds of (US) astronauts have been involved in scouting? To get a better understanding of the relationship between these two topics, we've invited guests from different sectors such as education, scouting and space to discuss on the topics of education, youth programs and how Scouting inspires interest in Space Exploration.