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"It's a bird, it's a plane, it’s a Spacecat living on the moon!"


Quark is a fictional character of a Spacecat that lives on the moon. Learning about Science doesn't have to be boring. So let's use “art” to help communicate, encourage people, and make things more fun!


This project is a creative solution for the new (Thailand) Space Era with hopes of inspiring people to explore their love & interest for "Space exploration" as well as get to know what the Space industry and Space culture is all about.

Story of Quark

Inspired by the story of "Félicette" the first cat launched into Space. Quark is set to be one of the first companion pets for Astronauts on their deep space voyage, a scientific exploration into the stars. However, Quark mystically ends up on the moon and is now slowly adapting its life alongside other astronauts at the Lunar station and becomes the most fascinating living creature that ever came out of scientific experiments in space.

Quark is a spark for something new!



Arrival on Luna

Launch on 24 May 2021, Quark: Arrival on Luna Art toy was the first collectable educational toy of MANRVA. Telling a story of how Quark arrived on the Moon's surface. This collection includes the 3D printed with ABS-like Resin material of Quark the Spacecat figure, spacepod, rocks and black sand representing Lunar regolith. In addition to that, it's also come with a Space Education booklet about the moon. Encouraging collectors on their creative projects (miniature painting) while learning about the Moon.



Lunar Loop

"Houston, do you copy? We think Quark is up to something, but we're not yet sure of what it is. We might have to sit back and wait for it to unfold!"

Into the wave of Designer toys, also referred to as Art toys. Lunar loop was the first educational Art toy product to ever launch on the MANRVA platform. 

Introducing the spacecat character name Quark as a new medium in learning and communicating about the benefits of the space sector and space technology. 

Lunar Loop set consisting of Quark art toys and space educational booklet. The customer does not require any knowledge in painting to paint/play with this art toy. Whilst enjoying their time painting Quark they could also learn a little bit more about Earth's moon through the Space education booklet as well. 



Space Cruise

Quark: Space Cruise is the only art toy design that never made it to production or had its official launch. Its objective is purely to exist for the aesthetic of a little Spacecat in his spaceship cruising through the solar system. 

However, it does show an appearance from time to time, and for certain, there is more story to be told.

Fun Fact about "Quark"

Unlike most cats Quark skin is a (mint) green color and furless just like a sphynx cat. 

As for the eyes instead of a normal pair of eyes. Quark has 3 eyes! Can you imagine what life would be like with that?! 


Here comes the most freaky fact of all, Quark can stretch its body as far as its heart's desire. So Quark could basically be a snake . . . if he wants to. 

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