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Designing Dark-Sky Superhero

Details and Inspiration of Dark Sky Superhero Character:

Rayan Khan uses an interdisciplinary approach in his dark sky advocacy. He is not an astronaut but a unique dark sky superhero character who has a unique and innovative perspective of using art as a tool to educate an audience about light pollution and dark sky protection. Rayan Khan wears a black costume in public spaces where Rayan Khan interacts with the audience and the general public and shares the message of light pollution in his innovative style of using smartphones integrated into his costume.

(Public engagement activity at TDF Magnifiscience Centre-Karachi Pakistan)

He says that; In today's world, we all are connected through -LED Light base technology smartphones to connect and communicate with each other, but we are unaware of light pollution itself. Are we smart enough civilization to use a smartphone? Whereas, we are losing our universal connection to the cosmos and causing light pollution and disruption to our nature, ecosystem, and wasting energy by using more fossil fuels which are leading to climate change. Where our daily activities are controlled and monitored via an algorithm of artificial intelligence AI to spend more time with LED-based technology- smartphones. He used an application that converts his sound into twinkling light on his integrated smartphone that blinks when he speaks during his interaction with the audience.

(Into the 3D Character design by MANRVA)

Biography of Rayan Khan

Rayan Khan is the Founder of Cosmic Tribe. He was born and raised in “The City of Lights” Karachi, Pakistan. His passion for the field of astronomy and space developed during his study period. During the early nurturing period of his career, he learned and developed the quality of being proactive which proved to be profound when he started outreach and public awareness campaigns on light pollution known by the name of Light Pollution Fighter.

Founder of Cosmic Tribe
Rayan Khan

He received his Master’s degree in Space Science with a specialization in Astrophysics from the Institute of Space Science and Technology, University of Karachi-Pakistan. He has also an aircraft maintenance engineer's license and aerospace certified apprentice.

He is the International Astronomical Union IAU Dark Skies Ambassador, International Dark Sky Association Advocate & Delegate,Moon Village Association National Coordinator of Pakistan, IAU National Astronomy Education Coordinator NAEC of Pakistan,National Node of International Day of Light, and Young Persons Committee YPC- Head of the Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Division.

Learn more about Cosmic Tribe:

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