Join our Off-World Colony Design challenge

Have you ever imagined living on another planet? Are you curious what life would be like and what the cities would look?

Well, what would you say if we design it together, figuring things out and seeing if there’s a possibility of preparing ourselves on how to build a life outside of Earth? We can do this with our friends, space nerds, space enthusiasts or even just someone who is looking for a backup plan to move out of the country because the government isn’t running it quite right and it’s 20 year National strategy ain’t going to save you.

If your answer is Yes, yes and yes then you should join our #MANRVAChallenge on Off-World Colony Design. Where we provide you with a weekly task on how to build your dream Off-World colony, starting with collectively choosing where we should build our colony and slowly work our way to cover various topics such as transportation, engineering, social, economic and more. All of which would help us successfully build a livable condition for humans on our new planet! Decisions will be made by majority vote, but good suggestions are always welcome. The more you engage the better our colony/settlement design will be! 

After we’ve collected enough information on our new colony's form and function, the MANRVA team will create artwork to match your vision. Then we can all celebrate our hard work and what we learned along the way when it truly comes into reality.

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Our challenge will take approximately 13-18 weeks to complete plus 3 more weeks for visual design. It’s on a weekly basis, no need to sign up and participants can choose to interact at any point they want. There’s no requirement to commit from start to finish, but the ones who stay will get to see how their ideas slowly come to life!