This project was mainly inspired by all the Mars missions in 2020, whether it’s Mars 2020, ExoMars 2020, Hope Mars Mission or the Huoxing-1 (HX-1) Mission. All of which help sparked the idea of “What kind of outfit could we design that would reflect Mars's aesthetic?”

This project consists of a set of women and men outfits. There are elements that resemble the workwear of mechanics or engineers, but the highlight of the design is in the Martian/Mars orange. This Martian Orange highlights the difference in both aesthetics and design utility of Martian clothes.


Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system. It's name comes from the Roman’s god of war. The distinctive characteristics of this planet is in the color which is red. It's the reason why it's called The Red Planet, but in reality the Mars is the color of rust, which ranges between red, orange, golden and tan. The colors convey various types of feelings such as intense, fierceness, anger, power and ambition. 


The reason why the surface of Mars is this color is due to the iron oxide in the soil. The average temperature is -61 ° C (minimum −143° C and maximum 35° C) which makes Mars very cold!

With these scientific facts combined with Imagination, MANRVA’s team has brought all the information together to create an artistic concept for the Mars 2020 Collection; a fashion collection that reflects Mars aesthetic.

Interior Design

The interior design in this project consisted of simple concrete walls and large lights on the ceiling to highlighting the center of the room. The purpose is to create a museum-like or, perhaps, a space exhibit atmosphere. It makes the capsule at th center unavoidable.


This capsule consists of four main parts: the lid with light at the top, cylindrical mirror, ground plate simulating the surface of Mars and the base of the capsule. We wanted to re-create the Aesthetic of the Red Planet and what represents Mars better than the texture and color of its surface?

Today’s world still faces many challenges in technology and we are still unable to find a way to collect samples from Mars and return them to Earth. The capsule itself feels similar to a sample tube because we'd like project the idea that one day we would be able to move different samples or resources back to Earth.

Fashion Design

MARS is cold; therefore, this fashion collection is designed for Fall / Winter 2020 (FW2020). Although it has it’s similarity, the garment for both men and women was designed to give varieties such as sweater, jacket, fit to boy t-shirt, cargo type pants etc and consisted of two colors, orange and black.

​They perfectly balance practicality and aesthetic. They offer a lot of pockets (which many could find quite handy) on both cargo pants, jacket and the sweater, yet it was designed to be fashionable too. 

MANRVA's Mars 2020 is a conceptual fashion collection designed and inspired by Scientific facts together with the imagination of a future in Mars. We're providing a different perspective on Space Exploration and our will to go to Mars in a different light which is in Fashion & Design. 

MARS Merch

Expanding love for Mars onto T-Shirt.

#MARS2020 It's about time for our Mars 2020 merch! We got a pretty sleek Mars face cover (made to order) and 2 type of

t-shirts for you to choose from Mars Globe and Mars surface (designed by Kanapat Tittayanurak).

This project was inspired by our endless love for Space and the 2020 mission to Mars. We are bringing something that’s out of this world one step closer to us.