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An Engineering and Design Vision for Human Life on Mars.

Mars is the next frontier in human exploration of deep space and a potential place for human settlement. With such ambitious plans come the associated scientific, engineering and architectural challenges. Putting the safety and comfort of the crew at the center of this research project, it is recognised that solving for Mars requires a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach (for instance, looking into how to combine radiation protection and architectural choices).


The presented work focuses on building habitats and the first Martian city, making a vision for human life on Mars. It outlines the challenges and proposes solutions to provide a "recipe" that Mars city designers may want to explore.


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Yulia Akisheva

PhD Candidate in Regolith Utilisation for Radiation Protection

Matej Poliacek

ISS Columbus Flight Controller at Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)


Juliah S. Champion

Founder & Art Director at MANRVA


Kanapat Tittayanulak

Independent Concept Designer



Aurea Regio - An Engineering and Design Vision for Human Life on Mars.

This proposal guides the city in its development from birth to full self-sustainability. From the first crew rotations and early explorers to interplanetary entrepreneurs and Mars-born children. 

Aurea Regio places humanist values at the heart of the design proposal and city development. The sense of identity and unity with the local nature and community is reinforced through architectural elements which embrace what Mars has to offer. With the greatest minds living on Mars, exploring the solar system and studying at the Mars University, Aurea Regio will be the most unique place in the human worlds.