"We're better when we work together. To create a place, SPACE, more accessible for all"

What is MANRVA?

MANRVA is a brand that aims to bridge between Art and Science, specifically in Space exploration. Introducing the idea of Space Exploration to the mainstream audience using Art & Design in innovating new ideas, content or products for the people. 

Through ART & DESIGN, Manrva's goal is to approach the industry which heavily focuses on technology. Aspire people to create new creative innovations that would help contribute to Science or Space industry in the most efficient way as well as deconstruct and establish a bridging point between two separate subjects. 

The name “MANRVA” is a deviation and is inspired by the word “Minerva”  the goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy in Roman mythology. 

Not only that the origin of the name “MANRVA” was also inspired by the word “Mankind” which means the entirety of the human race. 

By unifying these two names, the goal is to create a brand that encompasses the diversity and history of these two ideas while maintaining a firm look into the future.



A new medium for Science communication and visualisation.

MANRVA offers Creative solution that would help you develop your ideas into the perfect product. As well as being your Science Communicator and Visualiser to help you better communicate with your audience artistically.


If you have products that need further development or re-design, we're more than welcome to help you.


Digital Art & Content

Eye capturing social media present.

Product Design

Creative physical and digital product with futuristic aesthetic.

Brand identity

Help make your brand or project stand out.

Partner with us

We're open to partnering with companies, governments, agencies, foundations and individuals who are interested in what we do or in our products, whether in the form of collaboration or licensing.

クオーク- QUARK

Highlight creative series from MANRVA.

Quark is a fictional character of a Spacecat that lives on the moon. Quark is set to be one of the first companion pets for Astronauts on their deep space voyage, a scientific exploration into the stars. However, Quark mystically ends up on the moon and is now slowly adapting its life alongside other astronauts at the Lunar station and becomes the most fascinating living creature that ever came out of scientific experiments in space

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Quark entering orbit JPG v2.jpg

"A Writer with just paper and pen through her/his literature could in- spire people to look into the stars more than a Scientist ever could.


A Scientist, with her/his research and technological innovation, could give birth to something that once was just a dream."


Founder & Art Director of MANRVA